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Reduce Cost. Boost Reach. Get Results.

Engage brand partners

in joint promotions

Collaborate, Target & Convert

Adzip is an AI led co-branded campaign platform for consumer brands enabling them to run joint promotions with their brand partners by targeting contextual audiences (based on 2nd party data). It helps showcase that extra value & trust to end consumers helping to reduce customer acquisition costs and increase conversion.

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Unleash the power of joint campaigns: Amplify your impact with brand partners

Promote an extended value proposition to your customer by engaging in campaign partnership, backed by powerful partner recommendation engine and enabling them to run joint social promotions and collective influencer campaigns. Get power of AI automation in  generating contextual ad story line.   



Collaborate to Dominate: Amplify Your Reach with complementary Influencers

Collaborate with like-minded influencers to boost your reach, create engaging content, and increase your brand partnerships. Experience the power of AI-generated content and take your influencer game to the next level  

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Fits All Needs

Powering all business sizes

Adzip caters to all size of business depending on their campaign objective

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Startups/ SMB's

Achieve economies of scale by sharing ad spend & enhancing reach. Boost brand awareness & reduce customer acquisition cost


Large Enterprises

Maximize conversions by targeting contextual audience via 2nd party data of brand partners through secured data partnerships. 



A one stop platform to manage all your clients who wants to engage co-campaigning. White-label to showcase under your brand name. 

How it Works

All-in-one solution for


A one-stop shop that delivers your paid promotions & influencer campaigns on social platforms

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

Ad Collaboration Workspace

Let your teams collaborate & create joint proposition for paid campaigns enabling brand to share cost, maximize reach

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 Contextual audience access

Maximize conversions by showing co-campaigns to your 2nd party audience of brand partner via secure data partnerships.  

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AI- driven

automated storyline

Leverage AI to automatically identify joint themes/ USP & generate promotional storyline with ad creatives 

Tap into the power of your partner's brand value for an aligned objective and access each other's customer base with secure data partnership. Our Intelli-AI technology let's you create ad story line which is always fresh & relevant 

Why Adzip

Power Up Your Promotions: Join Forces for Greater Reach & Impact!

Increased Value Proposition

Join forces, share space, expand reach

Engage with new audiences, enhance customer experience and broaden sales avenues by share digital shelf space using co-branded campaigns

Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost

Brand allies helps in maximizing ad impact and reach

Engage with your brand partners to achieve common campaign objective by sharing ad spend, combining budgets and increasing audience reach. 

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Power Up Conversions

Unlock brand loyalty and gain access to new customer

Complementary brand partner's audience is very contextual for your products/ service offerings. Data partnership can enable access to 2nd party data & targeting partners brand loyal audience.  Thus gaining new customers & improving conversions. 

Immersive storyline with generative-AI

Revolutionize creativity with intuitive ad creation at your finger-tips. 

Let creativity not bog you down. Leverage artificial intelligence to automatically create optimal performing ad content & image creatives as per campaign objective and target audience. 


From API integrations to powerful analytics - Adzip has it all.

Social Integration

Out-of-the-box integration with Facebook, Instagram's ad account to manage all your paid campaigns from Adzip. 

Partner Recommendation 

Let AI recommend you the right campaign partner based on complementary business categories, USP of products/ services and many other attributes.  

Ad Spend Distribution

Sponsor or collaborate in running joint promotions. get transparent distribution of ad spend to maintain trust between partners and lower customer acquisition cost

Analytics & Reporting

Get detailed reporting of campaigns for joint promotions on social channels and influencer campaigns

API Integration

Easy integration via API's to your existing software landscape. Be it marketing automation, CRM, CDP or image creative platforms, use your data to drive campaign results

White-Label Solution

Agencies can use white-label capabilities to extend Adzip platform to it's customers under their brand name & theme.

SSO Enabled

Agencies or aggregators can easily integrate Adzip with their platforms and allow users to access via SSO. Thus enhancing user experience

Data Security

Adzip lets you share & manage your data securely between brand partners for running joint promotions.  


The latest from Adzip

Our Clients

Why companies like Adzip?

"Promoting joint value proposition, helped in reducing losses "

By showcasing a new value proposition of product bundle offering, we were able to contain our losses due to discounting model in education.


Sanyam Dhingra

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