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Connect, Collaborate & Convert

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The winning factor of modern brands

Our AI-powered engine connects businesses with complementary brand partners to maximize campaign impact. Our algorithm suggests partners based on product fit, audience, and campaign goals. By collaborating, businesses reduce costs, cross-leverage leads, and access partners' audiences. The result is higher conversion rates and faster brand awareness growth.

Key features

Seamless Collaborations

Cool Headset
94% Match
Success Propensity- High

AI-led partner finder

Connect with like-minded brands to expand & amplify your message 

Let our AI automate the match-making analysing multiple parameters & providing you the right recommendation of complementing brands who can be the right fit for joint promotions. 

Secure data synergies

Data security-driven collaborations: Building strong campaign partnerships

Adzip's close group features ensures data security for joint promotions, safeguarding your campaign data and controlling access to 2nd party data through secure data partnership contracts and campaign access controls

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Ad collaboration hub

Boost your marketing impact through collaborative creativity

Be it for Facebook or Instagram or Influencer marketing. Bring together digital marketing teams to collaborate on  ad creatives. Streamline ideation, design, and execution to captivate your audience and achieve remarkable results.

Shared ad investment

Maximize your marketing impact with collaborative Investment

Seamless distribution of ad spend between campaign partners, empowering big or small brands to join forces and amplify their reach. Achieve greater ROI through shared investment and collective campaign success.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
Small Business Owner

Contextual Audience

Harness the collective context: Amplify your audience/ followers Impact

 Leverage the contextual relevance of partner's audience to fuel your marketing campaigns. Maximize targeting precision and drive impactful results maximizing the  relevance of your marketing efforts

Harmonized AI Magic

Unleash Limitless Creativity through Contextual Automation

Our AI-powered platform dynamically generates campaign data, ad text, and ad creatives, leveraging contextual insights from both brands. Experience the magic of simplified creativity and elevate your marketing strategies effortlessly.


Key Benifits

Multiply Your Impact

Drive Engagement, Reach, and Sales through campaign partnerships


Increased Value Proposition

Engage new audiences through joint offers, enhance customer experience, and broaden sales avenues

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Reduced Customer Acquisition Cost

Maximize ROI through shared investments and targeted partnerships, minimizing wastage and increasing effectiveness

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Improved Conversions

Utilize contextual 2nd party data to engage and convert the right audience effectively, increasing conversion rates


Boost Brand Awareness

Expand audience reach and tap into partner's loyal customer base, maximizing visibility and brand recognition

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Trust & transparency among partners

Gain visibility into cost and results through centralized sharing, fostering trust and enabling collaborative success

Use Cases

Amplify, Engage, and Succeed

Mobile Customer

Promote Cross-Brand Loyalty Rewards

Enjoy discounts, cashbacks, and exclusive offers when purchasing from one brand, unlocking rewards on complementary products from partner brands, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem

Promoting extended Value Proposition

Showcase strategic partnerships to highlight the value proposition, fostering customer trust and expanding market influence through collaborative promotions and shared benefits

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Product Cross-Promotion

Cross-promote complementary products, encouraging customers to explore and purchase related offerings from partner brands, leading to increased cross-selling opportunities and revenue generation

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